Kristen Stewart praises Jesse Eisenberg for his intelligence

Kristen Stewart praises Jesse Eisenberg for his intelligence

Kristen: He used to intimidate me

Kristen Stewart has admitted she was once intimidated by fellow actor Jesse Eisenberg thanks to his wit and cleverness.

The two have worked on films such as American Ultra and Café Society together, but she has learned to adapt and be herself around him.

She shared with Total Film magazine: “Jesse is so smart. He used to intimidate me.

But now there’s a warmth that we share that allows me to keep up with him. It used to be debilitating. I used to be like, ‘I’m not going to try and be on your level and try and engage’ and now we can really run together.

But I don’t know… honestly, life really overwhelms him because of his intelligence. Situations are really over-stimulating for him. I think he’s one of those special minds.

I have a nature that’s really in stark contrast to his, so I think it trips him out.”

Ironically, the star was fairly comfortable around the iconic Robert DeNiro as he would go out of his way to put her at ease.

She explained: “My experience with De Niro was so far from anything I expected… I met him and he was so self-conscious.

He could tell what a big deal it is for any young actor to meet him. There was a full-on rehearsal process.

Actors like that, who aren’t doing it for the wrong reasons, are never really intimidating. They help you. They’re excited to see somebody who cares about it as much as they do.

Actors that have that intimidating presence – like, ‘I’ve been around longer than you’ – maybe they just don’t see me as a good actor.

But anybody like that… it’s something to be very excited about, seeing young people come up and try and do new things.”

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