Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross welcome their first child

Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross welcome their first child

This marks the actor’s ninth child to date

Mel Gibson and his girlfriend Rosalind Ross welcomed their son Lars Gerald Gibson into the world this past weekend. This marks the 61-year-old actor’s ninth child.

According to People, Rosalind gave birth in Los Angeles and the baby weighed in at 5lbs.

A close source stated: “They’re thrilled and Lars is adorable. Their family is all around them and Mel is over the moon. They’re home and everybody is healthy and happy!”

The Braveheart star’s other children are mostly grown adults, including Hannah, 36, Christian, 34, Edward, 34, William, 31, Louis, 28, and Milo, 26. His younger ones range from age seven to 17.

Mel had previously joked that he is no longer surprised to the news of having a child as he is now too old to get nervous.

“What’s one more? I’m just there to catch. I’m too old to get nervous. I think my adrenals are worn out so I don’t even react anymore,” he explained.

Despite his growing family, the actor admits he isn’t the most ideal father but hopes he is doing a good job nevertheless.

He shared: “As a parent, everybody screws up. There’s no such thing as a perfect parent and it’s so easy to mess up. But hopefully I’ve screwed up less than most.”

However, Mel and Rosalind are reportedly very excited about welcoming their first one together.

An insider previously said: “Mel and Rose are so excited about the baby. Mel loves being a dad and he and Rose can’t wait to be parents together. The last two years have been some of his happiest years he’s ever had.”

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