Reese Witherspoon praises her daughter Ava

Reese Witherspoon praises her daughter Ava

Witherspoon: I'm so lucky to be her mom

Reese Witherspoon – who shares 17-year-old Ava with her ex-husband Ryan Phillippe – has gushed about her daughter and insists that being her mom is an honor.

The actress explained to Entertainment Tonight: “I had a premiere for that movie ‘Sing!‘ over Christmas, and the head of the studio went up to Ava and congratulated her on the movie.

But I just love her. I’m so lucky to be her mom, and I just love having her in my life and getting to go everywhere with her. It’s a great honor.”

And the star – who also has a young son with husband Jim Toth – recently said she often feels guilty when the job keeps her away from family.

“Every woman feels guilty if they’re working or guilty if they’re staying home all the time. There are all sorts of factors in between about economics and what each family needs.

Actually my next show, ‘Big Little Lies’ has a lot to do with that and about the complexity of women’s lives and the choices they have to make that affect their self-esteem and their marriage and their family …

You have to just live your life and make your own choices. Every family is different, and every family has to make their own choices, based on their circumstances. You have to rise above any negativity and know that you’re doing the right thing for your family.”

And her children had previously labeled her “a cool mom” as she knows her way around Snapchat.

She explained: “At least I know how to work Snapchat. I think, you know, most moms don’t. [My kids] are like, ‘You actually know what Snapchat is and you’re actually sending us a lot of Snapchats.’ So, maybe that’s kind of a cool thing.”

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