Russell Brand finds pornographic material “disturbing”

Russell Brand finds pornographic material “disturbing”

However, he occasionally falls victim to curiosity

Russell Brand revealed he doesn’t actually watch X-rated material as he finds it too “unsettling.”

However, he has an odd fascination for it despite being rather “disturbing” at its core.

The star, who considers himself a reformed ladies’ man, also thinks X-rated films ultimately hurt everyone involved.

He explained: “I find it too much; you know? It’s too disturbing and unsettling and fascinating and exciting for me to look at, and it biases my opinion of what human beings are and how we should treat each other.

I think porn hurts everyone involved. The people that are doing it, the people watching it, so for me personally I try not to engage with it.”

The actor – who has a three-month-old daughter with Laura Gallacher – believes men who constantly watch pornographic footage become numb to what they are seeing, similarly to those who enjoy violent video games.

“I don’t look at it one day at a time because I don’t think it’s good. You know when you play a computer game for too long then when you come out you think ‘I should be able to just get into cars’?

Like if you watch too much porn, it tunes you too much into people’s capacity as a sexual lump. I don’t think that’s good for me, at any rate.

And I don’t think porn is good in general. I was reading something the other day … and it was about men looking at porn in public, like it’s become so normal just to look at porn.”

That said, the star admits avoiding sex videos can be difficult. He confessed in a video posted to his YouTube channel: “But it’s quite fragile. If someone just left me in this cupboard with this laptop, I don’t know how long it would be before I went, ‘Right I’m actually really quite bored now,’ and away I’d go.”

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