Zara Larsson has discovered her biggest fan

Zara Larsson has discovered her biggest fan

Her mom just confirmed what she already suspected

Zara Larsson was surprised to find her biggest fan is none other than her father. In fact, the Lush Life singer says her dad, Anders, secretly watches all of her shows on the Internet but pretends to be merely a casual follower.

The star, whose mother is always more than happy to “gossip about everything” with her, explained to BBC Newsbeat: “Mum talks about my career all the time. I love gossiping with her about everything.

Dad is a more low-key fan. He doesn’t say much but when I borrow his tablet or computer and go into YouTube you can see that he’s been watching all my videos.”

The 19-year-old has had plenty of success this past year, and her biggest accomplishment was winning Best New Artist at the MTV Europe Music Awards. She was effectively competing with other prominent artists and bands such as DNCE and Lukas Graham.

She shared: “That was a huge deal for me, especially as you can only win that once. I felt that was a receipt for all the hard work I’ve put in.”

Meanwhile, Zara had previously revealed she wants to duet with singer Charli XCX.

She explained to BANG Showbiz: “I would love to. I think she is amazing. I love her sound and she is a great person as well. Of all the collaborations I’ve been doing, they’ve all been with guys. So I would love to do something girl power.”

And the star is ready to release a new album in January 2017 to kick off the year on a high note, adding: “It’s coming in January. I have been pushing it for literally a year. It was supposed to come out February 2016 and I was like, it’s coming out summer, it’s coming out after summer, it’s coming out in the fall, and then in the winter.

It’s a little mixed. It’s pop but there are some rhythmic songs, some dance songs, some ballads. I think that everyone will like at least one song.”

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