Scientists discover one amazing trick to help you sleep

Scientists discover one amazing trick to help you sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping at night, and getting up in the morning? You could fix it all by doing something pretty simple, albeit a little unusual.

A lot of people struggle with both getting to sleep and getting up in the morning in this modern society, and as it turns out, there may be a good reason why, and there may also be a simple way to fix it. Scientists have published a new study that claims that going camping for a weekend could reset your internal clock and cure your sleep problems by restoring your circadian rhythm in a natural setting.

Going camping would potentially allow you to not only get to sleep easier, but allow you to wake up without feeling groggy and desperately wanting to return to bed, according to a Cell Press statement. Scientists have known for a long time that natural daylight can fix sleeping patterns, but researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder wanted to delve deeper into the issue.

The scientists determined in another study that experiencing 14.5 hours of sunlight and 9.5 hours of night helps people to sleep earlier, with sleepiness to starting to seep in around sunset rather than much later in the evening. They arrived at this conclusion by sending nine pople outdoors for a camping weekend and then observed sleeping habits both before and after the trip, comparing them to five people who stayed home.

“Late circadian and sleep timing in modern society are associated with negative performance and health outcomes such as morning sleepiness and accidents, reduced work productivity and school performance, substance abuse, mood disorders, diabetes, and obesity,” says Kenneth Wright at the University of Colorado Boulder. “Our findings demonstrate that living in our modern environments contributes to late circadian timing regardless of season and that a weekend camping trip can reset our clock rapidly.”

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